Stuck in darkness

room filled with emptiness,

sorrounded With darkness.

The silence echoitng to my ears,

I tried to speak but i ended up voiceles.

This feelings and emotions are burning up,

Its like a drum beating up.

This feelings is new to me.

Its like an ocean without water,

Like a sun without light,

Like a rock engrave with sadness.

Im The girl trap between the reality and dreams.

I try to fit in in this world

But,no one notice my existence

Like a wind blew fastly,

Like an empty bottle hunger for belongingness.

This empty me sorrounded with fears.

Can somebody pours my soul with happiness?

Please save me from this mess,

Wake me up in this dream.

Im the girl searching for belongingness

But i found myself in the middle of darkness.



I just wonder how many things come up to our mind when the rain started.I imagine that every drop of it was filled with loneliness just like our eyes tears streaming down our face when we feel sadness.

As i watch the rain closely through my window my tears keep falling.I remember every memories its keep on flashing back,the sad memories of the past keeps hunting me back.

I just cant escaped this familiar feeling inside of me when i heard those raindrops.

I can see the darkness filled this empty room as the rain never stop pouring. Im alone in the darkness of the evening.

Somehow it feels so good to see the sun shine bright in the morning.

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